Hi, we are MirrorLabs!

We are bringing the local-first software revolution to the web:

  1. No spinners: your data at your fingertips
  2. Seamless syncing between devices; It just works!
  3. Never down, the network is optional
  4. Security and privacy by default
  5. You retain ultimate ownership and control

We believe that every app is a distributed system: web, mobile, desktop, and server. Users have come to expect to be able to seamlessly transition between their devices; their data magically always being up-to-date. Today, this is most easily achieved by server-client-based solutions such as Firebase where Google ultimately retains control. Sacrificing our users’ privacy, ownership, and access to their data.

We are building MirrorDB: an application-centric p2p database with super powers!.

/The MirrorLabs Team