What I learned as a solo founder

My first attempt at creating a startup was last year, in 2021. I had had some early success riding on the NFT craze which ultimately resulted in me building Atomic Swap, an open-source p2p trading dApp on Cardano. Unfortunately, the markets turned, competitors appeared, and I never achieved enough transactions per day to make Atomic Swap sustainable.

However, I don’t think the competitors or the market was the killer. It was fatigue.

I was constantly making decisions from everything from design, implementation, to marketing. I was working both weekdays and weekends. Constantly worrying about money and Swedish banks’ downright hostile attitude towards crypto. When I ultimately threw in the towel and landed a 9-to-5 job I realized how important it is to have colleagues. To have people to share the burden with, and to give each other energy. I had been lonely and that had taken the biggest toll.

This time I will do it differently. We will do it differently.

We want to empower developers to build local-first web apps where users can seamlessly move been mobile and desktop even if they are offline.

To realize this vision we are building MirrorDB: an application-centric p2p database with super powers!


Let’s get building!